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A.I. Powered Intelligent Cameras

Through our expertise in deep learning, transform any normal camera with artifical intelligence. Our facial recognition technology works for a broad range of conditions with great accuracy, allowing for more robust, less biased detection and classification.

Applicable for wide variety of options including home security, access control authentication, retail automation, vehicle detection and classification etc.


Object Detection and Classification

Different objects can be reliably classified and categorized according to customers' requirements. Deep learning technology can usher in new opportunities for automation for producers.

Counting function of identified objects e.g. packages, products, human face can serve the purpose of package counting, product countingetc.


Automatic License Plate Recognition

ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read license plates with high recognition accuracy. ANPR applications include toll collection, traffic monitoring and security, speed and journey time measurement, parking and access control, etc.


Masked Face Detection and Recognition

  • WATCHCAM Mass Surveillance System can automatically detect people wearing masks from real time video feed.
  • If the face is registered in database, it readily recognize the face and reveal the identity.
  • Can be really useful to monitor a crowded place where isolation / quarantine is expected.


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