Cutting-edge Computer Vision Technology

Sigmind’s AI and Deep Learning video analytics products add intelligence to video cameras by analyzing the video content, extracting metadata, sending out real-time alerts and providing intelligence to security personnel and other security systems. The video analytics can be integrated in-camera, on-premise servers and on-cloud. Our Video Cloud software is an advanced solution that provides a comprehensive suite of event and video management solutions using cloud servers for uploading the event data from the camera and accessing that event data from a mobile phone.

AI Innovations On The Go

Innovation is the cornerstone on which we build our success and future moves. puts its efforts to develop and market some innovative products with latest Computer Vision and Natural Language processing technologies powered by A.I. to solve some of the greatest challenges for humanity.

Integrity & Customer Experience

Integrity is the core value that guides all our actions and decisions. We strive to deliver excellence to our customers in every step.


Our mission is to innovate and deliver cutting edge computer vision technologies to incur maximum security on premise for a safer and better world.


Our Vision is to democratize the miraculous power of Artificial Intelligence to solve some of the greatest challenges for humanity and become harbinger of Computer Vision Technology in Bangladesh

Value to Clients

  • Custom Recognition based on Custom Dataset.
  • Customized Products.
  • Hassle-free User Interface.
  • Accurate and Specific Output.
  • Inhouse Built Products.

Meet the Talents with Ambitions

We're an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple persons.

Meet the Talent with Ambitions

We build the real value


Sonia Bashir Kabir


Md. Abu Anas Ibn Samad


Hasib Md. Ibne Rafique


Seeam Hossain


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