slider-1 believes in an ancient philosophy called “First Principles”, inspired by Elon Musk. So, basically, we are a team of problem solvers of real life through computer vision. The information below best describes our company culture and the qualities we are looking for in our future colleagues.

Join Our Team

  • Real life projects with both Government and Non Government entities.
  • We maintain work life balance and always concerned about the well being of our colleagues.
  • We are a forward looking company with always embracing new technologies.
  • We welcome fresh graduates with problem solving attitude and train them with state-of-the-art technology.
  • We are a happening startup equipped with computer vision technology that has little scope to work with in Bangladesh.
  • Our work is mostly based on embedded systems and requires a bit of complex thinking procedure. You need to master complex programming concepts and write beautiful code.
  • We welcome people who have passion for programming, love to code and eager to solve problems.
  • We are in the look for real developers who put their efforts in learning new technologies and grow with the technology. 
  • We provide an environment for our fellow coders to rise to senior positions and take project responsibilities. Hence, we are looking for long term employees.
  • What C++ Developers Will Do?
    • Work on existing codebase that is sumptuously large
    • Create new features on that codebase according to clients' requirements
    • Refactor existing codebase for better performance and clarity
    • Extensive professional proficiency in C++ programming language including skills of multithreaded application development, memory management etc.
    • Familiar with Gstreamer multimedia framework will get special preference
    • Frontend UI/UX developer in QT/GTK framework will get special preference
  • What React Developers Will Do?
    • Build beautiful frontend through APIs
    • Build cross platform applications
    • Develop application using AWS technologies like S3, Cloudfront etc.

Whether you are an experienced engineer or a fresh graduate, we appreciate if our works intrigue you. Please send your CV to the following address